Iowa’s Tradition – State Fair Trivia Answers

1 – Approximately 160 acres make up the campgrounds. Do you know which gates lead into the campgrounds from the fairgrounds? (Bonus: Which gate is nearest to the campers shown?)   Answer – Gates #4 & #5. Bonus answer -Gate #5

2 – Grrr! These lions are located between two stages at the fairgrounds. What are they? Answer: Answer – Anderson Erickson Dairy Stage Sponsored by KCCI NewsChannel 8 and Fun Forest Stage

3 – Where is this farm tractor located? Answer – Little Hands on the Farm

4 – The best seat at the fairgrounds is carved out near what building? Answer – Administration Building

5 – What building is this? Answer – Grandfather’s Farm (Barn)

6 – What are these and where are they housed? Answer – Potatoes & Agricultural Building

7 – Where can you find this? Answer – Barber Shop (along Grand Avenue)

8 – Clinton Mickles, 7, of Eddyville, Iowa is ‘pumping’ water in front of what building? Answer – (Country) School House

9 – For as little as $75, you can leave your mark while helping renovate the fairgrounds. Bricks like these are placed in 14 different locations around the fairgrounds. Can you name at least seven of the locations? (Bonus: In which location are the bricks pictured found?) Answer –Bill Riley Stage, Campground Gate #5, Family Center, Administration Building, Agriculture Building, Dairy Parlor, Livestock Show Pavilion, Pioneer Hall, Ye Old Mill, Cattle Tie-Outs, and the Cattle, Horse, Sheep and Swine Barns (only need 7 of 14). Bonus answer – Campground Gate #5

10 – Giant tenderloins are one of the many delicious foods found at various vendor booths on the fairgrounds. What vendor booth sports this sign? Answer – Bud Tent

11 – Every year, long lines form as hungry fairgoers wait for free samples of Iowa foods. Which building do you have to visit to find the free food? Answer – Agriculture Building

12 – Where are this sheep and lamb resting? Answer – Sheep Barn

13 – This steer keeps watch of what building? Answer – Cattleman’s Restaurant (Beef Quarters)

14 – What is housed in this building? Answer – It is known as the birthplace of Polled Herefords and houses the Polled Hereford Hall of Fame.

15 – Where is this rooster hiding? Answer – 4-H Building

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