2017 Fiction Contest Results

We had six judges for the fiction writing contest and 16 entries. Our judges included an author, two journalist and three readers.

Each judge read every story individually, without knowing the name of the author. Stories were judged in three areas: technical aspects, creativity/readability and story development. The highest score a story could earn from each judge was 30 points.

Once all of the stories were judged by all of the judges, the scores were added together. The highest total score a story could receive was 180 points.

We are very thankful that you shared your talent with us. We hope you all continue to write and wish you the best of luck in achieving all of your publishing dreams!

 2017 Fiction Contest Results

1st Place = Brandi Beck = Running From The Rain = 161 Points

2nd Place = Chrystal Berche = What Storms Bring = 159 Points

3rd Place = Rebecca Bailey = After the War = 158 Points

The Coin Toss = 148 Points

Spotty And The Ghost = 147 Points

Four Letters = 146 Points

Bull Run Picnic = 139 Points

Last Chance = 136 Points

Providence = 135 Points

The Lesson = 132 Points

Poor Little Wolfie = 122 Points

A Latte to Go = 119 Points

Throw Away Child: Finding Home = 113 Points

Professor Pop Pop Puppy-Pie = 110 Points

Virtual Blessings = 103 Points

Choices and Consequences = 97 Points