The Auctioneer – by Debbie Tindle Parker

Our Front Porch Books is excited to announce that we have published our first fiction novel! The Auctioneer by Debbie Tindle Parker is now available for purchase from Amazon. The e-book version will be released shortly. If you would a signed copy, please email us at and we will let you know how you can purchase one.

Trisha Jenkins wonders if it’s time to make a change. For more than 13 years, she’s lived in Los Angeles where she graduated from college, experience a divorce, and survived the saddest tragedy and biggest sin of her life. The tranquil countryside of Hope, Iowa is calling her home but she fears dealing with her wealthy and controlling parents. And she’s ashamed to see her once-adoring younger brother and sister, as she hasn’t spoken to either of them for years.

When a new love interest and job offer lead her back to the Hawkeye State, Trisha has no choice but to face her family. However, it’s not a happy homecoming and things go from bad to worse when Trisha disappears.

But who is responsible for her disappearance – her family, her new lover or someone from her past? And will she be found before it’s too late?

Hope, Iowa is a small town full of everyday people. Like most small towns, people in Hope usually know your personal business, sometimes better than you do. But they also are the first to bring a casserole and offer a shoulder to cry on when tragedy strikes. Some people have secrets they are desperately trying to hide while others’ lives are an open book. Some are longing for the day when they can break out of their small-town chains and others are hopeful to return home. Join our journey as we tag along and learn about the lives of the fine folks of Hope, Iowa.

The Auctioneer, a romantic suspense, is Book One in the Hope Series.