2016 Fiction Contest Results

We had six judges for the fiction writing contest and 7 entries. Our judges included three published authors, a teacher, a journalist and a reader in her early 20s who works with 4-H kids.

Each judge read every story individually, without knowing the name of the author. Stories were judged in three areas: technical aspects, creativity/readability and story development. The highest score a story could earn from each judge was 30 points.

Once all of the stories were judged by all of the judges, the scores were added together. The highest total score a story could receive was 180 points.

We are very thankful you shared your talent with us. We hope you all continue to write and wish you the best of luck in achieving all of your publishing dreams!

2016 Fiction Contest Results

1st Place = Cassandra Den Hartog = No Regrets = 157 Points

2nd Place = Glenda Faye Mathes = Splintered Image = 155 Points

3rd Place = Sarah Thompson = The Leap = 153 Points

Rebecca Bailey = The Alliance = 142 Points

The Dive Bar & The Hoody Man = 131 Points

Two Sister’s Secret = 123 Points

The Business Card = 113 Points